A Warm
That Feels Like Home
Where Enriching Children's
Lives Is Top Priority

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Valrico, FL

Family-Oriented Care Tailored To Your Needs

Welcome to a new, family-owned center where everyone feels welcome. Our beautiful facility, full of warm, calming colors and nature-infused decor, offers a safe early learning immersive environment for your little one to play, grow, and thrive. Experience personalized attention and a loving atmosphere tailored to your family’s ever-growing needs.
An Engaging, Hands-On Play-Based Curriculum

An Engaging, Hands-On Play-Based Curriculum

Discover the power of Learning Beyond Paper™, an exceptional curriculum that surpasses standards and nurtures kindergarten readiness. Expert caregivers unlock your child’s full potential with developmental objectives, proven teaching strategies, and learning environments that lay a solid foundation for school success.

We’re Open 30 Minutes Earlier & 30 Minutes Later Than Other Centers In The Area For Your Convenience!

Music, Art, Spanish, & More Included In Tuition

Your little one engages in fun enrichments like music, art, Spanish, and baby signing — all part of the fun-filled adventure included in your tuition. From exploring their creativity to discovering the magic of music, teachers make learning an enjoyable experience that sparks joy and imagination.
Music, Art, Spanish, & More Included In Tuition

Spacious Playgrounds For Strong Minds & Muscles

From running and jumping to imaginative play, your child’s outdoor adventures ignite creativity, enhance mental well-being, and nurture a passion for an active lifestyle. A spacious outdoor playground promotes daily physical activity and secretly builds essential social-emotional skills as your little one spends time with friends.

A Gross Motor Skills Area & Learning Centers In Classrooms

With a gross motor skills area and learning centers in every classroom, your child’s hands-on activities enhance physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Dramatic play, fine motor (blocks and building), reading and storytime, science, and arts and crafts learning centers enhance concentration, creativity, and memory.
A Gross Motor Skills Area & Learning Centers In Classrooms

Our Child-Friendly Furniture & Spaces Promote Independence!

Healthy Meals & Snacks At No Extra Cost To You

Healthy Meals & Snacks At No Extra Cost To You

Experience peace of mind knowing that your child enjoys a tasty breakfast, lunch, and snacks included in their tuition. We prioritize nutrition, offering balanced and wholesome meals that fuel their growing minds and bodies.

Cameras, Fences, & More Protect Your Child

CPR-trained staff go above and beyond to ensure your little one’s safety with a fenced-in yard, security cameras, and ever-watchful eyes. Rest assured, our comprehensive safety measures create a secure, nurturing environment for your child at all times.
Cameras, Fences, & More Protect Your Child

Enjoy Daily Communication With Your Handy Brightwheel™ Parent App!

Enjoy Sparkling Classrooms With Professional Cleaning

Clean classrooms foster a healthier, more inviting learning environment. Dedicated teachers sanitize toys and learning materials daily, while professional cleaners perform a weekly deep clean. With routine maintenance, we minimize illness, improve air quality, and optimize learning potential.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"They are very loving and passionate..."
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I love the owner and staff here at the Toledo location. They have been unique to my children, who have been there since they were two years old and six weeks old. They are very loving and passionate about what they do. They care greatly for all the children as if they were their own. I highly recommend this school.

- Naquita Hill

"Our kids always brag about how much fun they have..."
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If you are looking for a child care center where you can trust the people caring for your child, look no further. I highly recommend The Enrichment Nest as it gives my wife and me peace of mind knowing that our children are in good, safe hands. Our kids always brag about how much fun they have and all the fun learning games they play. Five stars, hands down!!!

- Nick Popoff

"The staff are knowledgeable, caring, dedicated..."
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The staff are knowledgeable, caring, dedicated, and supportive. When you are a first-time mommy and have to work, leaving your child with a team/village is important. When my child is there, I can focus on work and know they are safe!

- Darcel Thompson

"She has provided the best overall daycare experience..."
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My 2-year-old daughter attended daycare at Ms. Brandy’s other location in Toledo, OH. She has provided the best overall daycare experience that we have ever had. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

- Sean Crowley

"What an excellent place for daycare, learning..."
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What an excellent place for daycare, learning, and teaching! The owner has a heart of gold and a passion for children. I recommend The Enrichment Nest to all my friends and family!

- Aaron Roberts

"her passion for ensuring kids are successful..."
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This place is awesome! I have known the owner for a little over a year now, and when it comes to her passion for ensuring kids are successful, well taken care of, and making sure they are in the right hands, her work exceeds perfection.

- Julianna Salgado

"The owner allowed me to work from the daycare..."
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I’m a first-time mom and terrified of daycares. The owner allowed me to work from the daycare so I could be with my son and see how the days go. This helped me become comfortable with leaving him, which was a fantastic experience. All the kids love the staff. It's such a family environment. I felt good leaving my child there, and thanks to their dedication, my three-year-old amazes me with what he knows. They go above and beyond teaching and giving you peace of mind

- Capree Birdlong